Our Mission is to become a leading
charitable grant organization to benefit the
Korean-American Community and
the community at large by financially supporting and fostering community-based organizations and services.


Areas of Service



As a Korean American community-based organization, we honor the Veterans of the Korean War and their families. Apply to qualify for a $2000.00 scholarship.

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goDream, goGrow, goSPARK

goSPARK is a public charity of NexGen that offers free educational and training services to youth, young adults and new professionals in need by equipping them with skillsets required to pursue a professional career.

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Cultural Education

One of the NexGen's goals is to bridge and improve the relationship between 1st and 2nd generation Korean Americans. As the 2nd generation of Korean Americans are now in adulthood and producing the next generation of Korean Americans, we are becoming mainstream citizens in our neighborhoods. And as the Korean American population grows and integrates with current society, we want to educate and share our culture with our community at large

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NexGen Foundation actively looks for worthy community causes to give financial aid. Members will solicit, source, evaluate and fund these causes.

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The Roman Philosopher, Seneca, once said, "Nature has given us the seeds of knowledge; not knowledge itself." Nature has taught us that we must seed with great care and effort if we want a bountiful harvest. In the same way, we must plant and care for seeds of knowledge if we want a bounty of wisdom and insight.




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